by Paul L. Glaze

  • Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On
    One Caressing Kiss Before We Part
    To Still And Fill, My Hungry Heart
    Give Me What You Alone Can Give
    To Last As Long As I May Live,

    Give Me A Kiss Before You Leave Me
    This Small Favor Will Relieve Me
    One Kiss For My Imagination.
    As You End Our Love's Relation,
    A Final Kiss To Quite My Sorrow
    As You'll Be Gone Tomorrow.

    Leave Me Moments For My Dreaming
    So When My Vacant Heart Is Screaming
    Memories Of you will Ease My Pain
    Thoughts Of Your Kiss will Keep Me Inane
    From The Pain Of My Grieving
    Please; Kiss Me Once Before Leaving

    Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On
    Though I Know It Can't Come True
    I Make This Last Request To You.
    Give Me What You Alone Possess
    A Last Request I Know Profess
    Your Lips I Pray To Caress

    Would It Not Be Too Remiss
    To Offer One Parting Kiss,
    The Bliss Of A Wishful Kiss.
    One That I'll Forever Miss
    A Kiss .....To Build A Dream On.!