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As a traditional classical violinist, Vanessa-Mae has been hailed as 'supernatural'. For her musicianship, she has been compared to Mozart and Mendelssohn. At 10, Vanessa-Mae made her first concerto appearance with the Philharmonia Orchestra in London. A year earlier, she had started writing her own cadenzas for Mozart concertos and by the time she was 13, she had released three highly acclaimed classical recordings including the Tchaikovsky and Beethoven Violin Concertos. She is the youngest in the world to have recorded tehse two masterpieces.

As a contemporary pop music icon, Vanessa-Mae is the musical phenomenon of the 90's. At 14, she began working on her new alternative violin music using a combination of traditional acoustic violin and modern electric violin. Earlier this year, she released her debut 'techno-acoustic fusion' album, 'The Violin player' together with her first pop single 'Toccata & Fugue' which stayed in the UK charts for over 2 months. The dance remix of Toccata & Fugue is currently in the US Billboard Dance Charts, entering at No.1 in the Dance Outbreak Chart, making Vanessa-Mae the only classical artiste ever to feature these charts. The multi-platinum album is an unprecedented world-wide success, charting in over 20 countries. It sold a million in months and is the British music industry's major international success story of the year.

As a 'live' concert artiste, Vanessa-Mae stands unique, straddling both classical and 'rock & pop' areanas with equal authority. She is in command of a formidable classical technique, musicianship and repertoire for her classical concerts, as well as a dazzling virtuosity and power of projection which she employs to full effect in performing her own music. This year, she became the only artiste ever to headline a classical concert at the Royal Festival Hall, performing a violin concerto with a Symphony Orchestra in the same week as selling-out her own 'Red Hot' techno-acoustic fusion concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Both performances were filmed for television, the latter now released as a commercial video for retail.

Following a hugely successful 34-date UK summer '95 Tour, Vanessa-Mae went on to appear at international rock festivals. Performing at Zurich's 'Out in the Green' between sets by Status Quo and Rod Stewart, she excited the 50.000 strong audience into a 20 minute ovation. There was an uproar when she left and it took a compere 10 minutes to calm down the crowd before Rod Stewart could start his show.

Vanessa-Mae further reinforced her reputation as an explosive live rock artiste at the long-running 'Sopot Festival', sharing the bill with Annie Lennox in a live broadcast concert. Due to crowd demand, Vanessa-Mae's performance was extended by encores, whereupon the national TV prime-time news delayed their scheduled transmission in deference to this overwhelming response. The public sent the album rocketing to multiple platinum status, an historic achievement in Poland for a foreign recording artiste.

Vanessa-Mae's status as an internationally acclaimed artiste is also evident in the range of honours bestowed on her. She was recently awarded the BAMBI International Classical Artiste of the Year Award in Germany. In 1995 she also addressed the 172-year old Oxford Union in the famous Debating Chamber, making history when the members gave her a standing ovation. On a lighter note, Vanessa-Mae became the first foreign artiste to be invited to perform the National Anthem at World Series Play-offs at Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park in the USA where she also enjoyed the honour of appearing as Jay Leno's guest on the high-rating Tonight Show's most important show of the year, the Thanksgiving Day Special.

From the time when she was a young classical wonderkind, to her status now as an established international star, Vanessa-Mae has been the subject of countless documentaries and news stories. She has been featured in Time Magazine, Newsweek and virtually every major daily publication in the world. Even her US debut this summer at Times Square which stopped the traffic made world headlines on television internationally.

Following the success of her UK tour in 1995, and the international chart success of her debut album, Vanessa-Mae is taking her 'Red Hot' tour around the world in 1996.

Her unique musical talents and universal appeal seem to have crossed all cultural, geographical and generational barriers and have created an incredible world-wide demand. During the first half of 1996, Vanessa-Mae will perform in countries as diverse as Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand among many ohers. She has also been nominated in the Brit Awards for Best Female Artiste 1995.


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